Dear members of Parliament all over the world,

In 2008 more than 77 countries signed and ratified the cluster munition treaty in Dublin to bring an end to the use of cluster bombs.

Now that the the Biden administration decided to send these horrific weapons, that have caused already hundreds of thousands of innocent civil victims, including many children, the war will surely escalate. We, the people, do not tolerate this and we will not accept it.

Therefore we urge you, all elected congressman and -women worldwide, to take action and demand your government to stop the use of cluster ammunition, prevent this act of war and save the lives of innocent civilians and children.

You know what you need to do.

You have the power to do it.

Stop it now!

We, the People, want peace. Urge your government to start negotiating between the fighting parties.

Thanks you very much for your effort.

On behalf of the peaceful 99.999% of the world population,

We, the People

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